A Science Fiction / Coming of Age story set in the Central West of NSW. 

Writer & Director : Kerinne Jenkins   |  Producer: Katie Amos



A 2o min Proof of Concept

The Cattle short follows a sixteen year old girl, SARAH, living on a cattle farm in NSW, who is struggling with the fact that her mother has a brain tumour that is never talked about. 

But when one of their cows is found dead, kilometres from their farm, Sarah will find herself going out into the night looking for answers with her younger sister Maddy in tow.

The Cattle short explores what is to feel trapped by the circumstances around us, the desire we can often follow to isolate ourselves with our troubles, and our need to go out and face our fears to discover just how strong we are. 

Shooting in late April 2017, the Cattle short will be filming in the central west (Cowra/Wyangala) region.

 Photo: Ella Picker

Photo: Ella Picker



The Bigger World

In the feature of Cattle, the story expands on the world of the short film when Sarah's mother is taken to hospital in a coma, leaving Sarah looking after her younger sister and their cattle farm by herself for a indefinite period.

Two workers are brought in to help out on the farm and Sarah will find herself making a new friendship with a nineteen year old cattle hand. But her initial calm at taking over the reins on the farm is broken when they're confronted by a death in the herd that doesn't make any sense.

The pressure to try and stay in control and keep her farm and younger sister safe, proves too much and Sarah ends up pushing everyone who tries to help away. And Sarah is alone with her sister when they see a strange light out in the night that can't possibly be from a natural cause. 

Sarah will discover that the night holds something far stranger and more unknown then she could have imagined.