We think stories and people are what make a video come to life, and that both elements combined can help to give an audience insight into a product or brand.

We approach any type of video with the same ethos. What's special, who are the people, what makes it unique and how can we tell this story. 

Our last video with Viridian & Honeywell saw us talking to employee's who'd been with the company generally for ten plus years. It was amazing to not only feel how much they cared about what they got to do everyday, but to also see the glass making process from start to finish, at one of the last manufacturing plant in Australia. 



We've been making case studies, internal videos, welcome videos and more through

At Little Pics we've had the pleasure of working across Australia and New Zealand, and through a range of industries. 

We've collaborated with Honeywell to create case studies looking at their partnerships with Kennards Hire, European Motor Distributors, the Ports of Auckland, Ryans Transport, Viridian and more.


What's next


We're currently working on a project that will see us pairing up with a variety of companies on our journey as we make a proof of concept, science fiction short film.

Behind the Scenes video's will give you a taste of the filmmakers world and give you a chance to get to know all the regional companies and people involved.