In March 2014, the Gowrie Street team received funding from Metroscreen and Screen Australia, through the Raw Nerve scheme, to make their first short film, '1919'. 

Starring Benedict Hardie, John Howard and Matilda Ridgway, '1919' is a short film based on the true story of an Australian soldier who returned from World War One with no identification and no memory of his identity.

Shot in black and white and filmed in Callan Park and Camden, NSW

It will premiere on September 4th, 2015 on ABC 2.

Benedict Hardie, John Howard and Matilda Ridgway in '1919'. 

When a soldier returns from the first world war suffering from amnesia and with his identity unknown, hundreds of families turn out in the hope that he might be their loved one, long thought lost. 

The story of '1919' was inspired by real events.



1919 will have its North American premiere at the Las Cruces International Film Festival in New Mexico. The festival runs from March 2nd - March 6th, 2016

November saw composer Damien Lane awarded with a SCREEN MUSIC AWARD for his work on 1919, picking up the Best Music in a Short Film.

The Sedicicorto Film Festival will give 1919 it's first European festival, playing in Forli, Italy in the experimental category. The festival runs from the 7-16th of October, 2015




D.O.P            Grégoire Lière

Prod Designer    Sophia Delimihalis

Cost Designers    Georgia Jackson and Siobhan Francis

Editor            Rocky Amaranto

Sound Designer    Andrew Simmons

Sound Mixer        Thom Kellar

Composer        Damien Lane


1st Asst Director    Heather Isles

2nd Asst Director    Patrick McCoy

Prod Co-Ordinator    Noni Cowan

Prod Assistant    Lama Dabbagh        

1st Asst Camera    Juntra Santitharangkun

2nd Asst Camera    Conor    Moss

Data Wrangler    Dan Molony

Stills Photographers    Marnie Vaughn and Kimberley Siauw

Sound Recordist    Joseph Levine

Gaffer            Declan Reardon

Best Boy        Kamil    Domaradzki

Hair & Make-Up Artists    Tori Hitchcock,  Margot Robertshaw & Kimberley Conroy

Assistant Make-Up        Emma Relph

Hair Artist            Kellie Connolly

Props Assistant & Buyer    Mark Mailler

Props Asst & Set Dresser    Katerinan Lonergan

Newspaper Design        Jamie Cranney

Onset building consultant    Francesco Colasuonno

Caterer            Elliot Clifford

Unit Assistant        Lucy Cooke

Safety Supervisor        Katie Amos

Post Prod Supervisor    Murray North

Assistant Editor        Conor Moss

Colourist            Angela Cerasi

Online Editor            Dan Molony

Vocals                Nicole Smede

Euphonium            Thom Kellar        



Writer            Harry Windsor

Director        Kerinne Jenkins

Producer        Nic Douglas

Executive Producer    David Opitz



Soldier        Benedict Hardie

Doctor        John Howard

Mrs Oke        Matilda Ridgway

Mrs Reynolds        Julie-Anne Breen

Mr Roche            Keith Thomas

Nurse Davis            Indigo Sparke

Nurse Morrow        Cecilia    Morrow

Young Girl            Annabella Canale


The Waiting Room  Cast

                Aida Jenkins

                Doug Jenkins

                Nicola Evans

                Katie Found

                Gerard Windsor

                Louella Windsor

                John Blundell

                Katie Amos




Special Thanks to    

Robert Reeve, Aida and Douglas Jenkins, Gerard and Louella Windsor, Blake Fraser, Elliot Clifford, Stephanie Rinaldi, Alana Hicks, Dillon Smith, Lachlan Philpott, Karel Segers, Jonathan Wald, Craig Boreham, Sylvia Hale, Jackie Douglas, Jessie Hildebrand, Katie Amos    

And to all of our Pozible supporters who made this film possible


Made with the assistance of

MetroScreen and Screen Australia


With thanks to

VA Digital Hire

Two Dogs. TV

O Superfood


Filmed at 

Callan Park

The Reeve Dairy Farm